When Should You Get Your Next Air Conditioning Service?

An air conditioner is one of the most necessary equipment that you need to make your life comfortable. Air conditioners help to keep your house cool when it is hot outside so that you can stay comfortable in it. These gadgets reduce the humidity levels so that you do not feel uncomfortable during summer. So you need to understand when you should get an Air Conditioning Service.

In addition to making your home cool, AC also purifies the air by filtering out smoke particles, mites, and smells. Due to technology development, air conditioner companies nowadays design ACs that provide faster cooling rates and save electricity.

Latest air conditioners also come with anti-dust filters, integral stabilizers, and auto-adjust temperature features to help you have a good night’s sleep. Similar to any other equipment, air conditioners require regular maintenance for them to provide optimal performance.

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Why Does Your AC Need Regular Servicing?

You can get your AC serviced due to multiple reasons. The primary one is to make sure that your air conditioner performs at its best, particularly when you need it most.

Getting regular services also improves the efficiency of your air conditioner. Professionals advise that the efficiency of your AC drops if you don’t get the service. When the air conditioner runs, it is likely to collect dirt and dust in essential components like the air filters and the condensing coils, negatively impacting its efficiency. If the compilation of dust is not inspected on time, it lessens your gadget’s operating efficiency. It means that your air conditioner will not cool the house as much as it can when it is clean. As a caring owner of AC, the most acceptable thing you can do for your unit is to change its filter timely.

Air conditioners’ servicing also locates and deals with small defects that could develop into much more significant issues that are more costly to repair if missed. However, the good news is that you can improve a high percentage of the lost efficiency with periodic maintenance.

As per research, regular servicing of an air conditioner will make it more efficient and run smoothly. Therefore, the number of dollars that you spend on servicing your unit can be recovered very soon in terms of lesser monthly electricity bills and decreased repair costs. A properly serviced air conditioner will completely dehumidify your home.

What’s the Best Time to Service Your AC?

Experts recommend servicing the air conditioner of your home once a year. The best time of the year to get complete servicing is spring. However, to make sure your system keeps up its efficiency, you must regularly do some maintenance procedures.

How Often Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing?

Heating and cooling specialists recommend that even if you do not find any problem in your air conditioning unit, you must get it examined at least after every three months. It will make sure that it works at utmost efficiency and is ready to cool your house in the days when you need it the most.

When Should You Hire Professionals for Service?

Sometimes, your AC might look in good working condition after you do service by yourself, but you may notice a strange noise coming from it. Or even worse, it’s not correctly providing cool air, which means that it’s time when you need to call for professional help. It would be beneficial if you ask for support as early as possible.

You’ll not like to replace your unit because you overlooked something that appeared irrelevant. It’s better to handover your AC in safe hands than being late. And the best part of hiring experts is: they don’t just provide a thorough checkup but also provide necessary service and repair to the air conditioner and heating units.

What is Included in an Air Conditioner Servicing?

Servicing of AC needs to include inspection of the motor, blower, drain line, operating pressures, coils, temperatures, refrigerant levels, supply lines, and connections. Consequently, a superior company should conduct a thorough checkup that comprises all these things.


Air conditioner examination should be done once every three months by a certified air conditioning company. Periodic AC tune-ups ensure that your unit can work for you at its best when you require it. Servicing also helps to find out internal problems and handle them before they damage your AC completely. Having your AC to service on time by certified professional decreases your monthly electricity bill.

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