MyAir is a very sophisticated air conditioning management system that incorporates up to 10 individual zones to control air flow throughout your home. The control screen doubles as a tablet with internet that enables the user to download applications as you would with a smart phone or tablet.

MyAir integrates with major brand home air conditioning units Daikin, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Panasonic with more to come. It cleverly controls all unit functions such heat, cool, fan speed as well as up to 10 zones or rooms and has full programmable functions.

The ducted air conditioning is controlled by fittings called exact air that control the air flow into each room or zone, these fittings have incremented opposed blade dampers that are driven by a cog mechanism and electric motor. The exact air fittings will adjust the heating and cooling in increments of 5% to 100% and are more flexible than a standard aircon installation with barrel zone damper’s that are either fully open or fully closed.

Zone or room temperature sensors can be added wirelessly and when fitted will change the zone control function from a percentage increment to a temperature increment also when fitted any zone with a temperature sensor can be selected as the sensing position for the reverse cycle air conditioner.

You can download an app for a smart phone or tablet that allows you to control your ducted air conditioner from the lounge or in bed or even away from home. This feature is very popular with multi-level homes as it saves the need for multiple control stations.

My Air Series 5 has the option of motion sensors that will adjust the temperature when a room or zone is not occupied.

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