HVAC Project Flip Out Trampoline Centre

HVAC Project Flip Out Trampoline Centre

Flip Out is an amazing trampoline centre for everybody with nearly the whole floor area covered in padded trampolines. Due to the height a person can reach the task was to design a ducting system that avoided the trampoline area while still providing sufficient air flow to enable comfortable heating and cooling. There are no ceilings in the building and the roof is 10 meters high, the air conditioning needed to cope with the entire space no small task.

Our solution was to design 2 x Temperzone OPA 850RKTBH roof mounted package units with rectangular internally insulated ducting installed on the roof to avoid any contact. The insulation is 100mm thick perforated foil faced to prevent heat gains or losses through the duct walls, spiral ducting was installed at the extreme edges of the building with round jet diffusers to blast conditioned air throughout the building. The combined heating and cooling capacity of the equipment is 170 kilowatts

The design provided built in Economiser cycle which enables the system to shut down the air conditioning and supply fresh outside air when the outside temperature is lower than inside ( this can happen often in cooler weather with many people inside )

Mechanical ventilation was also designed for the bathrooms with rectangular sheet metal terminating at a Pacific HVAC RCV355-4E roof mounted centrifugal exhaust fan.

It was a pleasure to work with the people from Flip Out and help solve their issues, the result is an outstanding facility for the little and big kids from the Blue Mountains to Penrith.

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