Air Conditioning For An Existing Home

Specialising in room & ducted air conditioning for homes under construction, Penrith Air Supply also provide quality ducted air conditioning to established homes and businesses.

Penrith Air Supply have extensive experience and resources in the industry to draw upon, including an in-house design and computerised heat load software. Therefore, when it comes to providing the latest air conditioning technology, installing the system, or achieving and maintaining comfort conditions in your home, you can rest assured we have a solution that is perfect for you. For instance, you can buy a smaller air conditioning system thinking it won’t cost you as much to purchase and run.

Ever so often, a home presents itself as unable to be air conditioned with ducted air, such as a home with raked ceilings and skillion roofs. In these circumstances, we are able to offer an alternate, effective and economical air conditioning solution to suit your home, your lifestyle and your budget.

If you have an established home, providing air conditioning to the whole home may not be viable. You can however provide most rooms with individiual room air conditioning. Numerous options are available when it comes to providing an air conditioning system, or systems of comfort air conditioning.