Ducted Or Split Air Conditioner: Which One Is Better?

The answer to this is simply….”it depends on the space you are trying to cool”. Over the years, home cooling options have been increasing and it can become overwhelming trying to decide which system you want to set up in your home. You need to determine the best suited type of air conditioner for your home and the people that live there. The most common queries from people wanting to install air conditioners, involve questions around the types of air conditioners available on the market and how each functions.

We are here to explain that in this article! The most popular types of air conditioners are split and ducted systems. It is essential to know what the terms ducted and split air conditioners mean. You can gain knowledge from Penrith Air Supply air conditioning specialists and local servicing air conditioning dealer in Glenmore Park area.  Alternatively, continue reading below and let us explore these terms and gain an understanding of each one:

What is a ducted air conditioner?

Ducted air conditioning uses a central unit which is installed outside of the house. From here, cool or warm air is moved through a series of ducts using a fan. These ducts are often located in the ceiling and air is sent into each room. The air enters the room via vents in the ceiling. 

What is a split air conditioner?

A split air conditioner system uses an outdoor/ external unit, connected to an indoor/ internal unit via pipes. The external unit uses a compressor to draw in outside air and adjust the temperature and then pump it to the internal unit, usually mounted on a wall in a room. Each wall hung indoor unit cools a specific space. 


Cost – installation and ongoing

Ducted air conditioners cost more to install upfront. However, in the long term they generally save you money because they are so effective and efficient at cooling large spaces. However, because they are large, need maintenance, and require more energy, it is really important to consider your space and your needs before choosing ducted. If you have a small space, selecting a ducted air conditioner could cost you more over time because of the unnecessary power used to run it. 

The split systems run on an individual basis, which means the running cost of split systems is cheaper than ducted systems. The split ACs are less costly to install and cheaper to run over time. Consider your needs when selecting an air conditioner. If you have a small apartment or you only want to cool your bedrooms at night time, a split system will be most cost effective for you. Talk to our experts in air conditioning dealer Glenmore Park area who can help you determine what you need and the cheapest way to meet your needs.


As the ducted system is big, these systems require special installation, larger space, more effort, and a higher upfront cost. The installation cost of ducted air conditioners is more, but it usually depends on the house size. On comparing the split air conditioners with ducted ones, the split systems are cheaper to install in rooms, and the maintenance of these systems is quite easy. You can get the split systems installed in different places, and it will cost you less.


Ducted systems need regular filter changes and annual inspections by a professional. In comparison, split systems can be maintained via self-checks and regular cleaning so they can be more cost effective in terms of maintenance. Homeowners can clean the filters, units and coils quite easily. 


The emergence of advanced technology has helped people of all industries. The advanced technology has also provided a solution to reduce the noise issues of air conditioners. The split systems have advanced technology, and when compared to ducted systems, these are quiet. If you buy a noisy split system, there will always be maintenance issues, and sometimes you may feel frustrated with your air conditioners’ noise issues. Therefore it is suggested to check the noise of systems before buying them. 

Effectiveness & Suitability for your specific space

If you have a large space, ducted air conditioning is a very good way of keeping the large area at a uniform temperature. This is why ducted air conditioning is often used in shopping centres, buildings, offices and large houses. Small homes usually don’t have much roof space for the installation of ducted air conditioners, making it difficult to get installed. Double-storey homes also face some issues in installing and running ducted air conditioners, making it hard to heat or cool the area effectively. If you have a small space, split systems may be a better option. These are installed on wall space, and therefore not much space is needed. And the big advantage is that you can cool one room rather than the whole house, saving on power costs.  It is important to discuss your space with a professional to decide on the best suited air conditioner for your needs. On comparing both ducted and split systems, the split ACs are more useful for small rooms. If you have large rooms to cool, then the ducted air conditioners are more suitable. When we talk about ducted air conditioners, they are ideal for large areas and can control the temperature evenly throughout the houses. Get to know about what system is suitable for your home by local air conditioning dealer Glenmore Park area 

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