When Should You Get Your Next Air Conditioning Service?

When Should You Get Your Next Air Conditioning Service?

An air conditioner is one of the most necessary equipment that you need to make your life comfortable. Air conditioners help to keep your house cool when it is hot outside so that you can stay comfortable in it. These gadgets reduce the humidity levels so that you do not feel uncomfortable during summer. So you need to understand when you should get an Air Conditioning Service.

In addition to making your home cool, AC also purifies the air by filtering out smoke particles, mites, and smells. Due to technology development, air conditioner companies nowadays design ACs that provide faster cooling rates and save electricity.

Latest air conditioners also come with anti-dust filters, integral stabilizers, and auto-adjust temperature features to help you have a good night’s sleep. Similar to any other equipment, air conditioners require regular maintenance for them to provide optimal performance.

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Why Does Your AC Need Regular Servicing?

You can get your AC serviced due to multiple reasons. The primary one is to make sure that your air conditioner performs at its best, particularly when you need it most.

Getting regular services also improves the efficiency of your air conditioner. Professionals advise that the efficiency of your AC drops if you don’t get the service. When the air conditioner runs, it is likely to collect dirt and dust in essential components like the air filters and the condensing coils, negatively impacting its efficiency. If the compilation of dust is not inspected on time, it lessens your gadget’s operating efficiency. It means that your air conditioner will not cool the house as much as it can when it is clean. As a caring owner of AC, the most acceptable thing you can do for your unit is to change its filter timely.

Air conditioners’ servicing also locates and deals with small defects that could develop into much more significant issues that are more costly to repair if missed. However, the good news is that you can improve a high percentage of the lost efficiency with periodic maintenance.

As per research, regular servicing of an air conditioner will make it more efficient and run smoothly. Therefore, the number of dollars that you spend on servicing your unit can be recovered very soon in terms of lesser monthly electricity bills and decreased repair costs. A properly serviced air conditioner will completely dehumidify your home.

What’s the Best Time to Service Your AC?

Experts recommend servicing the air conditioner of your home once a year. The best time of the year to get complete servicing is spring. However, to make sure your system keeps up its efficiency, you must regularly do some maintenance procedures.

How Often Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing?

Heating and cooling specialists recommend that even if you do not find any problem in your air conditioning unit, you must get it examined at least after every three months. It will make sure that it works at utmost efficiency and is ready to cool your house in the days when you need it the most.

When Should You Hire Professionals for Service?

Sometimes, your AC might look in good working condition after you do service by yourself, but you may notice a strange noise coming from it. Or even worse, it’s not correctly providing cool air, which means that it’s time when you need to call for professional help. It would be beneficial if you ask for support as early as possible.

You’ll not like to replace your unit because you overlooked something that appeared irrelevant. It’s better to handover your AC in safe hands than being late. And the best part of hiring experts is: they don’t just provide a thorough checkup but also provide necessary service and repair to the air conditioner and heating units.

What is Included in an Air Conditioner Servicing?

Servicing of AC needs to include inspection of the motor, blower, drain line, operating pressures, coils, temperatures, refrigerant levels, supply lines, and connections. Consequently, a superior company should conduct a thorough checkup that comprises all these things.


Air conditioner examination should be done once every three months by a certified air conditioning company. Periodic AC tune-ups ensure that your unit can work for you at its best when you require it. Servicing also helps to find out internal problems and handle them before they damage your AC completely. Having your AC to service on time by certified professional decreases your monthly electricity bill.

 If you find out that your home’s air conditioning unit needs repair or replacement of any component, you don’t need to worry. Contact Penrith Air Supply for Air Conditioning Service in Glenmore Park, where AC technicians are ready to help you keep your home cool when it comes to unexpected repairs or replacements.

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Ducted Or Split Air Conditioner: Which One Is Better?

Ducted Or Split Air Conditioner: Which One Is Better?

The answer to this is simply….”it depends on the space you are trying to cool”. Over the years, home cooling options have been increasing and it can become overwhelming trying to decide which system you want to set up in your home. You need to determine the best suited type of air conditioner for your home and the people that live there. The most common queries from people wanting to install air conditioners, involve questions around the types of air conditioners available on the market and how each functions.

We are here to explain that in this article! The most popular types of air conditioners are split and ducted systems. It is essential to know what the terms ducted and split air conditioners mean. You can gain knowledge from Penrith Air Supply air conditioning specialists and local servicing air conditioning dealer in Glenmore Park area.  Alternatively, continue reading below and let us explore these terms and gain an understanding of each one:

What is a ducted air conditioner?

Ducted air conditioning uses a central unit which is installed outside of the house. From here, cool or warm air is moved through a series of ducts using a fan. These ducts are often located in the ceiling and air is sent into each room. The air enters the room via vents in the ceiling. 

What is a split air conditioner?

A split air conditioner system uses an outdoor/ external unit, connected to an indoor/ internal unit via pipes. The external unit uses a compressor to draw in outside air and adjust the temperature and then pump it to the internal unit, usually mounted on a wall in a room. Each wall hung indoor unit cools a specific space. 


Cost – installation and ongoing

Ducted air conditioners cost more to install upfront. However, in the long term they generally save you money because they are so effective and efficient at cooling large spaces. However, because they are large, need maintenance, and require more energy, it is really important to consider your space and your needs before choosing ducted. If you have a small space, selecting a ducted air conditioner could cost you more over time because of the unnecessary power used to run it. 

The split systems run on an individual basis, which means the running cost of split systems is cheaper than ducted systems. The split ACs are less costly to install and cheaper to run over time. Consider your needs when selecting an air conditioner. If you have a small apartment or you only want to cool your bedrooms at night time, a split system will be most cost effective for you. Talk to our experts in air conditioning dealer Glenmore Park area who can help you determine what you need and the cheapest way to meet your needs.


As the ducted system is big, these systems require special installation, larger space, more effort, and a higher upfront cost. The installation cost of ducted air conditioners is more, but it usually depends on the house size. On comparing the split air conditioners with ducted ones, the split systems are cheaper to install in rooms, and the maintenance of these systems is quite easy. You can get the split systems installed in different places, and it will cost you less.


Ducted systems need regular filter changes and annual inspections by a professional. In comparison, split systems can be maintained via self-checks and regular cleaning so they can be more cost effective in terms of maintenance. Homeowners can clean the filters, units and coils quite easily. 


The emergence of advanced technology has helped people of all industries. The advanced technology has also provided a solution to reduce the noise issues of air conditioners. The split systems have advanced technology, and when compared to ducted systems, these are quiet. If you buy a noisy split system, there will always be maintenance issues, and sometimes you may feel frustrated with your air conditioners’ noise issues. Therefore it is suggested to check the noise of systems before buying them. 

Effectiveness & Suitability for your specific space

If you have a large space, ducted air conditioning is a very good way of keeping the large area at a uniform temperature. This is why ducted air conditioning is often used in shopping centres, buildings, offices and large houses. Small homes usually don’t have much roof space for the installation of ducted air conditioners, making it difficult to get installed. Double-storey homes also face some issues in installing and running ducted air conditioners, making it hard to heat or cool the area effectively. If you have a small space, split systems may be a better option. These are installed on wall space, and therefore not much space is needed. And the big advantage is that you can cool one room rather than the whole house, saving on power costs.  It is important to discuss your space with a professional to decide on the best suited air conditioner for your needs. On comparing both ducted and split systems, the split ACs are more useful for small rooms. If you have large rooms to cool, then the ducted air conditioners are more suitable. When we talk about ducted air conditioners, they are ideal for large areas and can control the temperature evenly throughout the houses. Get to know about what system is suitable for your home by local air conditioning dealer Glenmore Park area 

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Tips For Choosing The Best Air Conditioning Repairs Professional in Blue Mountains

Tips For Choosing The Best Air Conditioning Repairs Professional in Blue Mountains

Air conditioners have become an essential appliance in homes and offices. It is because they have the potential of wiping out all the heat to make your place cool instantly. But it is essential to have regular maintenance to avail the best level of productivity from the ACs. Many people ignore this, which causes issues in their air conditioners that lead to high expenses for them. The air conditioners and all the electrical appliances require regular servicing to sustain their potential for the future.

If you plan to service your air conditioners, choose the top-rated repair service. To help you to choose the best repair services, the following tips will guide you in making the best choice: 

Know your air conditioner

If you are willing to get your air conditioner repaired for the first time, you must know the basic information about the unit. For instance, you should know the make, model, year, etc. Repair professionals will ask about these basics when you contact them to arrange the service. Providing them with the necessary details, will streamline the process and allow them to come up with the best solution.

Get an idea about their experience in the field

If you are looking to hire the best air conditioning repair service, you should not hesitate to ask about their experience. The more experience they have, the better the service will be offered to you. Penrith Air Supply professionals are known for their expertise and have been operating for over 30 years in this field. They use the best tools and techniques for offering the repair service to their clients.

Response time

It has been observed that some repair service providers take a long time to respond to their customers. This can be disappointing and time wasting for you. Ask about the response time or quickly gauge it yourself by reading the customer review sections of their site. 

Ensure that “after repair maintenance” is offered

There are lots of repair services which promise to offer an after repair maintenance to their clients. It merely means that if you have recently got your air conditioner repaired from them and after a couple of days it breaks down, then you will be provided service without asking for any extra charge. So, it is your responsibility to make sure that they are offering this service to their clients. The air conditioning repairs in Blue Mountains by Penrith Air Supply offers professional services that have always offered excellent after repair maintenance to their valuable clients.

The repair cost is reasonable

Many people avoid asking about the repairing cost in the beginning and later they are shocked by the charges. So, it is better to ask them about the estimated repair cost before going ahead with the service. It is always a good idea to obtain multiple quotes and compare prices. 

Ask about their license and insurance

Professional repair service companies only hire certified professionals. If you are about to book a repair service, you should ask the company about their staff qualifications, licenses and insurances. The Australian Refrigerant Council (ARC) issues licences that permit technicians to handle fluorocarbon refrigerant gases. There are two types of licences; a full refrigeration and air conditioning licence (RAC) and a restricted split system air conditioning installation and decommissioning licence (SPLITS). The different licences permit technicians to perform different tasks on different air conditioning systems. Discuss this with the company you are choosing to do your repairs/ maintenance. Ask the company for their licence number if it is not already displayed in their advertising. Ask to view the technicians Refrigerant Handling Licence card and ensure it is current and in date.  

Thus, there is no doubt that if you consider the tips in the points mentioned above, you will receive the best repair service. It will not only save your time, but you will be satisfied with your decision.

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Air Conditioning Repair Springwood – Basic Issues and Their Solutions

Air Conditioning Repair Springwood – Basic Issues and Their Solutions

An air conditioner is an essential appliance for our hot Australian summer. It helps in replacing the heat with coolness inside your houses and offices. For maintaining things perfectly and availing the best services regularly, you can call us air conditioning repair Springwood, and we can maintain your air conditioning units. Regular servicing helps in increasing the lifespan of the air conditioning system and keeps it serving you efficiently.

While using an AC, you may face multiple problems. After all, it is an electronic appliance. You can troubleshoot some of these potential issues yourself at home with our guide below.  If the problem is too difficult to solve alone, it’s time to call in a professional!  We have complete knowledge about your system and can easily resolve all types of problems.

Common Issues & Solutions

Read the following guide and let us introduce you to some common issues that may take place in your AC system and their solutions.

Issue 1: Less Cooling

Solution: It is a common issue that may be faced by an AC user after a long period. If your air conditioner is not cooling, there may be several reasons behind it.

In most cases, cooling is affected because of dirt on the air filters. Here, you have to remove the air filters and clean them gently. Cleaned and dirt-free air filters allow the air to pass and keep the system functioning perfectly.

If the filters are clean, then the issue may instead be caused by the coolant level. Less coolant volume also can be a reason for the poor cooling efficiency of the system. To remedy this, you should contact the repair professionals for filing the coolant and maintain its balance.

Issue 2: Blow Hot Air

Solution: An air conditioning unit can blow hot air in a few conditions only. Firstly, you have to check out the air filters as mentioned in the first solution. Another reason for this issue may be because your outside unit is not working properly. This could be due to obstructions disturbing the flow of air and reduce cooling efficiency.

You will need to inspect the surroundings of the outside unit and make sure it is free from all types of barriers like leaves, debris, and other. For deep inspection and eliminating the issue, you can hire the professionals at air conditioning repair Springwood.

Issue 3: Leaking Unit

Solution: Air conditioning systems are working by creating and flowing condensation. For the quality services and proper cooling, everyone has to keep things perfect. In some cases, the unit starts leaking and disturbs the condensation flow and pressure. To avoid leakages, you can replace the pipe.

With it, there are some other reasons like – pipe blockage or condensation pup is not working. You need to keep the pipe completely clean for maintaining the flow perfectly. In the case of a pump issue, you can hire experts for pump replacements or repair.

Issue 4: Compressor Is Not Working

Solution: There are three main reasons by which your compressor may not work. These reasons are a defective compressor unit, burned wire, or defective start capacitor. To fix any of these issues, you will need assistance from the professionals. The professionals can work by adjusting the refrigerant charge, cleaning the condenser coil for checking the start capacitor, and replacing the compressor (if required).

Issue 5: Noise by AC

Solution: If your air conditioning unit is making a squealing sound, then it is facing issues with the belt. There are two possible solutions available: your AC belt needs to be either aligned or replaced. In the case of a rattling sound, you have to check out the cover panels and tighten it perfectly. In case of a grinding noise, you should inspect the motor condition and its bearings.

Issue 6: Fan Isn’t Working

Solution: The cooling efficiency of an air conditioning system highly depends on the performance of the fan in the outdoor unit. If it is not working properly, then you cannot get the best cooling results. Fan issues can arise due to a problem with the capacitor. Here, replacement is the only solution, and you can do it by hiring the best air conditioning repair Springwood services.

Issue 7: Condenser Isn’t Working

Solution: A condenser is an important unit in the air conditioning system. You have to keep it running for better efficiency and maintaining a proper cooling environment. If the condenser is not working, then you have to make sure it is getting power. Check if the condenser is plugged in. Inspect the fuse.

Most commonly, the condenser stops working when it does not get signals from the thermostat for cooling. The oil levels, leaking refrigerant and safety switches can also be the cause of condenser failure.

Final Words

By understanding some basic troubleshooting you can keep your AC unit in top shape yourself. However, if you are facing any issue with the AC system, you can contact for quality air conditioning repair Springwood services by Penrith Air Supply. We have experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable professionals who can provide the best possible solutions.

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HVAC Project Flip Out Trampoline Centre

Flip Out is an amazing trampoline centre for everybody with nearly the whole floor area covered in padded trampolines. Due to the height a person can reach the task was to design a ducting system that avoided the trampoline area while still providing sufficient air flow to enable comfortable heating and cooling. There are no ceilings in the building and the roof is 10 meters high, the air conditioning needed to cope with the entire space no small task.

Our solution was to design 2 x Temperzone OPA 850RKTBH roof mounted package units with rectangular internally insulated ducting installed on the roof to avoid any contact. The insulation is 100mm thick perforated foil faced to prevent heat gains or losses through the duct walls, spiral ducting was installed at the extreme edges of the building with round jet diffusers to blast conditioned air throughout the building. The combined heating and cooling capacity of the equipment is 170 kilowatts

The design provided built in Economiser cycle which enables the system to shut down the air conditioning and supply fresh outside air when the outside temperature is lower than inside ( this can happen often in cooler weather with many people inside )

Mechanical ventilation was also designed for the bathrooms with rectangular sheet metal terminating at a Pacific HVAC RCV355-4E roof mounted centrifugal exhaust fan.

It was a pleasure to work with the people from Flip Out and help solve their issues, the result is an outstanding facility for the little and big kids from the Blue Mountains to Penrith.

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