When choosing an air conditioning system, it’s important to remember that it’s a personal decision and depends on individual preferences. Air conditioners come in so many different types that it can be challenging to know what suits your needs. 

Penrith Air Supply is a well-established local firm supplying and servicing the air conditioning needs of Castlereagh and the neighbouring areas since 1981. We exclusively use professional sales, installation, and service personnel to ensure you receive the finest advice possible. Whether you’re searching for an air conditioning system for your home or business, we’ve got you covered with a solution that fits your requirements and budget.  

Penrith Air Supply The Heating & Colling Specialists

Our team of licensed and skilled technicians will ensure that you have a heating and cooling solution that works, no matter what air conditioning unit you have or want. We prioritize customer satisfaction and quality work like you do, so you can trust us to deliver exceptional service. 

Air Conditioner Installation Services 

We realize how difficult it can be to select the ideal air conditioning system. Our skilled experts are ready to help you choose the best air conditioning machine for your home and needs. 

Our skilled air conditioning installation specialists will: 

  • Analyze the unit or motor power required to cool a room or house.  
  • Determine the ideal location for both the outdoor and indoor units. 
  • Choose the finest system for your requirements. 
  • Whether a split system or ducted air conditioner is most suitable for your home 

Our air conditioners come in all the latest models, so you don’t need to spend time shopping for them.