Air Conditioning And Mechanical Ventilation HVAC John Tipping Building

John Tipping building is a 32 Apartment High Rise complex located at the foot of the Blue Mountains in Penrith. In addition to the apartments there are two lower level basement car parks to accommodate 39 cars.

Our task was to design and construct suitable reverse cycle air conditioning to each apartment incorporating mechanical ventilation to the laundries, bathrooms and basement car parks. Toshiba premium split system air conditioners were selected for levels 1-4 using models RAS-13N3AV2-A / RAS16N3KV2-A / RAS-18N3AV2-A with the outdoor condensers located in strategic areas in the basement and on the roof. There are three penthouses on level 5 with majestic views of the Blue Mountains, Panthers World of Entertainment, Pepper Stadium, iFly and the new Rugby League Academy. These penthouses have ducted air conditioning using Toshiba RAV-SP1404AT-A1 for their heating and cooling.

The apartment mechanical ventilation utilises vent in line mixed flow fans, Blauberg Turbo 150T and 200T, to exhaust air through a system of concealed ducting from ceiling vents in the spaces and discharging through weather proof louvres.

As the Building’s Car Park is below Ground Level our design was to introduce the required amount of Supply & Exhaust Ventilation in accordance with Australian Standards AS1668. The Car Park Supply System design consists of a riser shaft located on the Eastern façade, introducing Fresh Air to the B1 Level, where (3) Pacific HVAC Inline Centrifugal Fans ICQ355-4EE, 400-4EE, ICQ560-4DE are housed. These fans deliver the required Ventilated Supply Air to both Level B1 & B2 via rigid sheet metal ductwork and side blowing registers.

The Car Park Exhaust System is located on the B1 Level in a dedicated Fan Plant Room. The Pacific HVAC DWDI BD22RA51M-4HSF Centrifugal Chicago Fan will exhaust air from both Level B1 & B2 via sheetmetal ductwork & egg crate exhaust grilles into the Fan Plant Room. As the Fan Plant Room is Fire Rated, all penetrations through the walls & slab are fitted with 4 Hour Bullock Manufacturing # 4800 & # 4900 Fire Dampers. The Exhaust Air will be discharged to the Roof via a Fire Rated Shaft located adjacent to the Lift.

Control of the Supply & Exhaust Systems will be through (4) CO Sensors located on both Level B1 & B2. These are directly wired to Honeywell Variable Speed Drives (VSD) fitted to all Supply & Exhaust Fans that will determine the speed of all fans for the correct Air Flow. All wiring will be from the Mechanical Services Switch Board (MSSB) located in the Fan Plant Room adjacent to the Car Park Exhaust Riser duct.

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