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The efficiency and capacity of the best ducted air conditioning equipment can be seriously affected should the ductwork and associated fittings not be constructed from quality materials and workmanship. Many air conditioning companies can and do provide inadequate, poorly designed air conditioning systems using cheap, unreliable and inefficient materials that provide less than satisfactory results.

At Penrith Air Supply, we only use materials supplied by local, well-established companies.  This ensures you WILL NOT NEED TO WAIT FOR WEEKS for replacement air conditioner parts … should the need arise.

We only use high quality, locally sourced air conditioner products to ensure you achieve maximum comfort and economical savings from your air conditioning system.  In addition, all our air conditioner products are backed by warranty for your peace of mind.

A number of optional air conditioner accessories and upgrades are available to suit most types and brands of air conditioning systems.  One of these options is installing high efficiency filters.

High efficiency air conditioner filters are primarily designed for people with allergies. These filters are disposable which means you do not need to clean them like conventional filter media. If conventional air conditioner filters are not regularly maintained, over time the resistance and impurities they impart place unnecessary strain, increase wear and tear & running costs, and inevitably reduce the life of your air conditioning system. Optional high efficiency filters are disposable, which means you simply throw them away and replace when required.

High efficiency air conditioner filters can be fitted to most existing ducted systems, or supplied with new installations requiring little to no modification work other than the installation of specialty frames to hold them in place. ‘Indoor air quality is greatly improved and they provide a safeguard against micro-organisms, dust, pollen spores and many other pollutants that a standard air conditioner filter does not remove. We can also supply a wide range of air conditioner outlets and grilles to suit any application.

The latest innovation in ceiling diffuser technology is now available in-store and we invite you to enquire about this great cost saving product. These air conditioner outlets automatically detect whether the system is in heating or cooling mode and this clever outlet adjusts the air-flow pattern accordingly, providing maximum efficient air delivery. Best of all, they can be retro-fitted to replace most standard outlets. Please see our Eco outlet brochure.

All of these air conditioner products are on display in our showroom located in Batt St, Penrith. Take the time to visit us today and view the future of air conditioning. Alternatively you may phone, fax, email, or submit your enquiry here.

Penrith Air Supply have been providing quality, efficient after sales air conditioner service since 1981.

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