As a founding member of The Air Conditioning Dealer Association (ACDA), Managing Director of Penrith Air, Joe Bennett, is an on-going member of the ACDA, having previously held various positions as President, Secretary and Treasurer. Carrier Air Conditioning had a well-established independent air conditioner dealership network in Sydney, which was growing throughout Australia. Subsequently, in the early 1980’s, some of the larger Carrier Air Conditioner Independent Dealers in Sydney, the Central Coast, NSW Country regions and Canberra joined and formed the Carrier Dealer Association (CDA).

  • To join, a prospective Member company must be nominated by another existing ACDA Member.
  • Prospective Members must have a history of ethical dealings and fair play within the Industry.
  • They must have a reputation for excellence and high standard of workmanship.
  • They must have also been incorporated for a minimum of five (5) years, have a Showroom to display some stock, have a back up service facility or arrangement and have in-house specialist capabilities and ability that is well known to the Industry.

To be honest and ethical in all dealings with their clients, submitting quotations in a manner that will enable a fair appraisal of the system offered. To offer installations carried out by licensed personnel representing ‘value for money’. To provide products from major suppliers with a reputation for quality and service. All association members adhere to ACDA “Approved Standards” in their dealings with their clients..

Should an ACDA member fail to complete or install the product to ACDA Standards, The Air Conditioning Dealer Association will engage the services of a Chartered Engineer to investigate, report and advise the client of any defects or shortcomings of their installation.

All members are licensed, trained and supported by the worlds leading air conditioning manufacturers.

Only trust your job to an Air Conditioning Dealer Association Member…It’s your guarantee of quality, licensed workmanship.