5 Questions And Answers About Air Conditioning Zone Control

5 Questions And Answers About Air Conditioning Zone Control

The Air Conditioning industry is progressing at gigantic steps. New advances in technology and research are bringing services that 20 years ago were only available for big industries within reach of almost everyone.
The times where you were lucky to have air conditioning in one or two rooms in your home are in the past, now with advanced ducted systems all your house can be heated or cooled by one single system. But how do you control this system? Through a zone controller that does all the work.

Have you seen The Lords of The Rings? If you have, the words “one ring to rule them all” may come to mind. Well, a zone controller works just like that: it is a special panel that regulates the airflow going through your ductwork, using that panel; you can regulate your comfort over all your “zones”, and even have only one or two “zones” active at specific moments.

A zone can be any environment in your house, a room, a group of rooms, a whole floor, or even a utility room. With the right controls you can set up zones as you wish when you are having your ducted system designed, and after they have been installed you can control the heating and cooling of each of your zones as you wish.

Well, besides having the power of micro managing the temperature of your home, which is, you know, extremely cool, a ducted air conditioning zone control can also help you save a lot of energy (and money), because this system is far more efficient.

You can set up the zone controller so that the system will only be active in the rooms you are using at specific moments; this represents a lot of energy saving, and therefore, money saving as well.

Not at all! The ducted air conditioning installation is actually far more simpler than it sounds. You just have to contact us and our specialists will help you choose the best system for your house, and they will help you design a zone plan that will satisfy all your needs, and then we will take care of everything! You will only have to sit down and wait while we do all the work.

You will have your system up and running before you know it.

You don’t have to worry about that, here at Homedeal Air Conditioning, we work with some of the best brands on the air conditioning market, and including the high quality Daikin & Fujitsu General ducted air conditioning, among others.

We know that having this system installed in your home sounds like a very big deal, but believe us, once you have it you won’t be able to live without it.

If you have any question regarding prices and how all this work, don’t be afraid to call us or contact us through one of our social channels. One of our specialists will be happy to help you and guide you through this process.

And remember, you only need one zone controller to rule them all!.

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